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还没有人谈过"BBC 澳大利亚"。来做第一个。

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  • 本集名称: 暂无,欢迎添加
  • 本集原名: 暂无,欢迎添加
  • 剧情简介: Simon's adventure starts in the magnificent 'red centre' of the continent and continues onwards through south Australia, via the extraordinary Indian ... Pacific railway until Simon reaches the west coast city of Perth.
    On the way, he joins an Aussie rancher in the parched outback and takes part in a spectacular camel round-up. This mad adventure, involving specially adapted off-road vehicles and a chopper, is part of an ongoing effort to stop the damaging spread of up to a million feral camels across the country.
    Simon also passes through Australia's wine country and to the lucrative tuna fishing city of Port Lincoln, and he investigates the impact these trades are having on the environment. In Western Australia, he joins a 21st-century gold rush - part of the resource boom that has made Australia one of the richest countries in the world.
    Finally in Perth, Simon discovers a full-scale British invasion. Working in a mine or driving a lorry can bring a salary of £100,000 a year, as evidenced when Simon meets a former binman from Hull who is now living the dream, with a beautiful house in the sun, private pool and his very own boat.