I want to know how it is gonna end after sunrise

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骑电瓶车闯红灯 (想当一个聪明的好人) 2017-10-03 18:37:27

I also think that they pretended to call their friends are interesting, not to mention whether they have money to go to the hotel, actually, I have been thinking whether they have sex?
1. They didn't leave a phone number and address, the heroin said before the train
2. They will not contact each other, but they will miss each other, otherwise, it will seem less romantic.
3. when they calm down, they may treat it as a hormone release, not love. After all, it is easy to fell in a good-looking and interesting stranger.
4. After 6 months, daily life make them forget their promise, they will not go, but one day later, they will suddenly remember once they had such a romantic appointment , then they feel a sense of loss about this period.

In my opinion.

famo 2017-10-07 18:29:27

Good point

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