Only love can save the world

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In the most famous version of her myth, her birth was the consequence of a castration: Cronus severed Uranus' genitals and threw them behind him into the sea. The foam from his genitals gave rise to Aphrodite (hence her name, meaning "foam-arisen"), while the Erinyes (furies), and the Meliae emerged from the drops of his blood.--wikipedia

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希腊神话其实很像现在的 HBO, 黄且暴力。:D

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True, I guess it is the kids version that she read, which I am actually glad about. Greek mythology is truly twisted yet fascinating. She said "maybe they did not have much else to entertain themselves" 😂

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希腊神话其实很像现在的 HBO, 黄且暴力。:D 希腊神话其实很像现在的 HBO, 黄且暴力。:D Jean

米国这么大年纪的小朋友好像对希腊神话都比较门清儿,还要归功于Rick Riordan 的各种系列。

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